North West Fund for Biomedical


Venture Capital


The North West Fund for Biomedical provides a flexible equity package for growth oriented businesses operating within the Biomedical Sector. This includes companies involved in pharmaceuticals (research, development and manufacture of drugs and biopharmaceuticals); biotechnology; diagnostics; clinical research organisations; contract manufacturing organisations; analytical services and sciences; and healthcare technologies and medical devices. The North West Fund for Biomedical provides finance from £50,000 to £1.5m to businesses seeking finance to support a broad range of needs from start-up and early stage development through to expansion plans for trading businesses. In return, the Fund Manager will require an equity share in the business. Capital structures can include a combination of equity, quasi-equity or mezzanine capital and loan support as best suits the needs of the company.


🇬🇧 United Kingdom



🧬 Biotechnology

🏥 Health Care




Series A


Health Care and Biotech focused

Must have a tech element

Sector Restriction

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