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360 Capital Partners is a Venture Capital firm, investing in Innovation at full scale, in Europe. 360 Capital Partners is managed by a consolidated team which has cumulated 50+ years of Venture Capital experience in investing in, following-up and/or exiting from over 60 companies and which have more than EUR200 million under management, provided by top tier international investors. 360 Capital Partners leverages an important international network, it co-invested with major international Venture Capital funds in 10 countries and have proven a top quartile track record as individuals and as a team in very different economic environments.


🇮🇹 Italy



đŸ“ĸ Advertising

🤖 Artificial Intelligence

🌲 Sustainability

🚗 Transportation

📱 Apps

🛒 Commerce and Shopping

👩đŸŊ‍đŸ’ģ Software

📹 Video

📊 Data and Analytics

🕹ī¸ Gaming

đŸ–Ĩī¸ Information Technology

🌐 Internet Services

🤑 Lending and Investments

đŸ“ē Media and Entertainment

đŸĻ Financial Services

🕸ī¸ Platforms

đŸ“ļ Mobile



Series A

Series B

Series C


Invests 100k - 10mil from seed to series B.

Must have a tech element

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